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Overworked? No time? Need more revenue?

We do the work. You get the increased revenue. Marketing is a process to generate additional revenue for your business. There are differences between marketing a product and marketing a service. From Marketing 101- 401 we can provide the right amount of help. We can help you grow your business. We provide creative marketing solutions that make you more money.

Call me and let’s sit down and discuss if I can help.

Cell: 440.387.3866


Market Plans

Working together, let us create a marketing plan and strategy that will identify opportunities for growth.

Market Schedules

We assist in the development of a schedule to keep you on track for growth with marketing tasks and tactics.


We assist in the development of your Brand and then help you promote it.

Who Is Your Customer?

We can provide market research to help you identify opportunities. In addition to demographics and market size, we consider the customer persona and generational differences as well as what data is available for you to determine market size and potential.


Do you have an analysis of your company’s strengths- weaknesses- opportunities- and threats? This can be part of the market plan or a separate project.

Sales – 101 Training

Do you have a process? The basics explained and taught.


Social Media for Business

What is social media for business? Should I be using social media in my business? Let us help you decide what is right for your customers, your products, and your services.


How to use profiles and company pages to promote your business. How to add a local LinkedIn group for future communications. What to do and why. Then let us write your profile.

Facebook & Goggle +

How to use company pages to promote your business, start a conversation, engage your customers.

You Tube

How to use video to gain more sales. Use video for how to demo’s as well as testimonials. We can show you how.

Website Refresh

If your website hasn’t been updated in a year it may need a graphic as well as content refresh. Do you have the best key words for SEO?

News Releases

A great way to promote your business

What does all this really mean for you and your business? We roll up our sleeves and use our experience to assist you in mapping out the future for your business. Together it can provide a strategy and road map to get you started or take you to the next level.

Call me and let’s sit down and discuss if I can help.

Mainstreet Growth LLC Avon Lake, Ohio 440.387.3866